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The Lebanon people see today pales in comparison to the Lebanon of the 50s and 60s, which was compared to Paris or Zurich in its importance as a city of culture, wealth and fashion.

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"I love them," said Sylvia Norfleet, a 35-year-old nurse with a son in the 11th grade and a daughter in the 8th grade. I'm all for getting the troublemakers out and the ones who want to learn in." "This is what East High needs," said Juanita Eason who has two sons at East.

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In our case, since we are a three-person relationship, seeing my lovers relate happily together means that our three-person relationship is stable and supportive.

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No, it doesn’t involve actual dating but is meant to be “informal and informative — a forum for confronting fear, opening conversations and breaking down stereotypes while breaking bread” (per the New York Times).

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On the same night that two-time-drug-cheat-Gatlin won, 'super mum' Jo Pavey was awarded her bronze medal ten years late. Having missed his 400 metres qualifier (because he was, apparently, busy kneeling at God's telephone in his hotel bathroom) the IAAF medical committee decided he would not be allowed to run the 200 metres qualifier either, despite his bloods coming up virus free.